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Human Mobility and Crisis

Together with Cristián Doña-Reveco, Bárbara Gómez-Aguiñaga, and Dakota Caldwell, this project aims to develop a collaborative research program on Human Mobility and Emergency Management in Latin America and the US, with a special focus on Nebraska.


This is a critical area of inquiry for several reasons. While we do not know how many Latin American immigrants and minorities were directly affected by the 2019 floods and COVID-19, previous research suggests that migrants and minorities are among the most at-risk populations and are disproportionally affected by crisis.  


This project will seek to develop a sustained research program that explores the current and future effects of crisis on possible local population displacement and international migrants. We also want to study the effects of crisis on out-migration intentions and the possible effects of that out-migration on local and state economic development. Finally, we seek to explore the implications of crisis and environmental migration on politics and the provision of emergency services in destination communities. 

Works in Progress:

  • "How Ethnic Identity and Migration Status Exacerbate Economic Risks from COVID-19: Evidence from a Large National Probability Sample."​

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