Photo: R. Joseph Huddleston

Research Methods

As part of social science research, scholars must make decisions about research design, data collection, analysis, and the interpretation of results. This can be particularly challenging for emerging scholars without much experience conducting research.


I hope to provide some practical recommendations and advice for scholars through a series of papers. These articles discuss best practices for digital hygiene and data protection when working with human subjects (with Güez Salinas), conducting experiments on public policy using Amazon MTurk, and how to evaluate the success of public diplomacy initiatives (with Juve J. Cortés).


Finally, I am editing a handbook with R. Joseph Huddleston and Patrick James that provides a practical guide for research in international relations. We hope this will prove especially useful for graduate students and established researchers who may be taking on new projects, learning new methods, or reformulating their approach to IR.

Publications and Works in Progress:


  • (with Juve J. Cortés). "Long-Term Public Diplomacy Programs: The Challenges of Influencing Foreign Publics."